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Sources For An Effective Weight Loss

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Sources For An Effective Weight Loss

Peach contains a large percentage of water and has little energy value. Moreover, abounds with beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin B. The energy value of the peach originated most of the carbohydrates, so it is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes. Cellulose contained in peach makes difficult digestible, so people suffering from diseases of the stomach and bile should not eat nelupeni peaches. As for minerals, peach contains potassium and sodium, so it is an excellent diuretic. Peaches are especially good for people with cardiovascular disease and high pressure kkrven.

Grapes contain a large amount of water (about 82%), 16% glucose and fructose, 0.40% fat and 0.80% protein. Due to the large amount of potassium and fruit acids, grapes stimulates urination and helps eliminate toxins from the body. From this perspective, the grape has a better effect that is not Seeing, with coarse grains and juicy.Follow This Approach Venus Factor Scam



Other fruits have a good diuretic effect. For example, nelupenata bulb is good against constipation, apple affects cholesterol and stimulates the excretion of harmful substances from the body, pineapple is a great fight against cellulite and, walnut is good against cancer, prevents fast aging and keep the health of the nervous system , but also contains 60% fat ....

Uvin Tea
Several times a day should you drink herbal teas and mineral spring water. Marshmallow tea helps in the excretion of waste products from the kidneys and uviniot tea is a great diuretic and scrubber system urination. However, one hour before and after each meal should not drink any liquids, because they dilute digestive juices and hinder digestion. This is especially true of the cold drinks are one of the enemies najgoleite proper digestion.
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The diet must be low in salt, sugar and fat, and rich in fresh foods and nekonzervirani - These are basic rules of diet against fluid retention. Reducing salt intake is especially important in cases of swelling, and eating should not be used more than half a teaspoon of salt a day. Avoid foods high in sodium such as suvomesnatite products, canned products and Lentil soup (soups also fall into this category).

Watermelon contains about 95% water, so is the first on the list of natural diuretics. Therefore it is recommended in the diet of people who have difficulty excreting fluid (cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the liver and kidney). Besides potassium, watermelon contains phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. Vitamins, it contains carotene (provitamin A) and vitamin C.

Cherries contain a large amount of water and energy value is very low. Containing cellulose so good act of digestion, and because of the huge amount of water and potassium, facilitating fluid ejected from the body, thereby improving kidney, gallbladder and liver.
Also, cherries contain the highest amount of vitamin C of all fruits with small seeds. More mature and darker fruits have higher amount of anthocyanins, and therefore have greater antianemic action.


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